Threat Database Adware AccessibilityMethod


AccessibilityMethod is a dubious application, designed to perform several intrusive actions once installed on a Mac device. It must be noted that applications such as this one do not wait around for users to discover and install them willingly. Instead, they are being spread via underhanded methods that employ various tactics to hide the installation of the intruder application from the user's attention. That is why AccessibilityMethod is also classified as a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program).

If it manages to sneak itself on the user's Mac device successfully, AccessibilityMethod will start generating numerous advertisements while taking over the installed Web browser simultaneously. The adware part of its functionality can deliver advertisements under various forms - banners, surveys, in-text links, pop-ups, etc., and can impact the browsing experience on the device seriously. The advertisements shouldn't be trusted, as they could lead to shady websites.

As for the browser hijacker aspect, its sole purpose is to modify the homepage, new page tab, and the default search engine settings and set them to open a promoted address. Browser hijackers are often included in the promotion of fake or dubious search engines. Such engines cannot be trusted either. If they even have the ability to generate results, the displayed links could be filled with third-party advertisements. 

PUPs also are known for spying on the browsing activities on the device. The collected information could include the entire browsing and search histories, device details, and in the most threatening cases, even sensitive payment and credit/debit card data.


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