Threat Database Mac Malware AccessibilityDock


AccessibilityDock is classified as an adware application that has also been equipped with certain browser hijacker capabilities. This application type is seldomly downloaded by users intentionally. Instead, adware applications rely on deceptive marketing tactics to spread themselves such as bundling or hiding inside fake software installers/updates. As a result, AccessibilityDock may have been able to install itself without attracting the attention of the user.

Once inside the device, AccessibilityDock will begin to monetize its presence by running an intrusive advertising campaign. The application will start to generate unwanted ad materials and display them on the screen leading to a severely diminished browsing experience. The advertisements could come in all shapes and forms - pop-up windows, banners, surveys, etc. Generally, users should avoid clicking on any of them as doing so could take them to unsafe third-party websites.

Simultaneously with the unwanted advertisements, AccessibilityDock also will take control over the user's Web browser. More specifically, the application will modify the homepage, new page tab, and the default search engine to open a promoted address, usually that of a fake search engine.The consensus in the infosec community is that PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) such as AccessibilityDock should be removed as soon as possible. Although PUPs do not represent any immediate danger to the device they are on, they nonetheless represent a weakness that increases the security risks.


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