22find.com Description

Type: Browser Hijackers

ESG security researchers have observed a family of low-quality browser hijackers that use different domain names that typically start with the string '22.' Some variants of 22find.com include 22apple.com and 22search.com. Most browser hijackers associated with 22find.com are downloaded and installed on the victim's computer after a careless installation of a freeware program or third-party add-on. Browser hijackers associated with 22find.com are typically installed as toolbars or add-ons for your web browser and make unwanted changes to your web browser settings, such as adding 22find.com to your list of favorite websites, turning your homepage into 22find.com and altering your web browser's security settings. To prevent browser hijacker infections associated with 22find.com, ESG security researchers strongly advise computer users to take care when installing freeware programs to ensure that no toolbars or other bloatware are included in the installer.

Common Problems Reported with Browser Hijackers Associated with 22find.com

ESG malware researchers have observed that browser hijackers associated with 22find.com will cause the appearance of numerous advertisements on the infected computer. These kinds of advertisements typically are displayed as pop-up windows and of sponsored links displayed in search results and websites other than 22find.com. The main complaint associated with these kinds of browser hijackers is that they alter your web browsers online searches, causing redirects to the 22find.com website whenever you attempt to carry out a search on a legitimate search engine like Bing, Yahoo or Google. Another issue many computer users may have with 22find.com is that its browser hijackers track your online activity in order to deliver advertisements to your computer.

Why ESG Security Analysts Advise Avoiding 22find.com

ESG security researchers advise computer users to avoid the 22find.com website and its associated toolbar. Some of these reasons include the following:

  • Browser hijackers associated with 22find.com make your computer perform poorly and your online connection speed slow and sluggish.
  • Advertisements associated with 22find.com can be annoying and seriously interfere with your work and activities.
  • Browser hijackers associated with 22find.com represent a serious breach of your privacy, allowing marketers to have access to your online browser habits and other information about your computer and online behavior.
  • 22find.com's connection to adware and browser hijackers means that 22find.com may expose your computer to other threats, especially through its low quality, sponsored search results. This is further exacerbated by the fact that 22find.com's browser hijacker may lower your web browser's security settings to allow itself to deliver advertisements.

Technical Information

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File System Details

22find.com creates the following file(s):
# File Name MD5 Detection Count
1 Desk365- 04ddfe60599fbb31af496ed85d89ef3c 1,831

Registry Details

22find.com creates the following registry entry or registry entries:
File name without path
Regexp file mask
%homedrive%\User Data\Default\Extensions\novo_price_comparison.crx
%PROGRAMFILES%\Mozilla Firefox\searchplugins\22find.xml
%PROGRAMFILES(x86)%\Mozilla Firefox\searchplugins\22find.xml
Registry key
Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\DOMStorage\22find.com

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