Threat Database Spam '1nCuB0' Email Scam

'1nCuB0' Email Scam

As its name suggests the '1nCuB0' email scam involves the distribution of countless misleading emails to unsuspecting users. The people behind the campaign use spam email bots for the dissemination of these nefarious emails. As for the content of the messages, it follows the typical pattern of a sextortion email tactic. 

The fraudsters claim that the victim's computer has been infected with the '1nCuB0' malware. Typically, tactics of this type try to convince the user that the threat infected their computers after visiting adult websites. The supposed malware then took control over the device's camera and recorded an explicit video of the victim. The '1nCuB0' scammers will then demand to be paid thousands upon thousands of Euros. The victims are supposed to send the money using the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. 

Users should in no case take the claims of such email seriously. These unfounded threats should instead be disregarded, the sender blocked and the email deleted. Finally, just for peace of mind, you should scan your system with a professional security solution. See if it detects any suspicious items lurking on the system and let it remove them completely.  


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