Zyklon Ransomware

Zyklon Ransomware Description

Type: Ransomware

A new ransomware Trojan called Zyklon Ransomware is attacking computer users. The most efficient method of deployment used by the Zyklon Ransomware is via spam emails containing a threatening attachment. However, file sharing networks, spam bots, social media spam, fake Java or Flash updates, etc. also may be infection vectors. The modus operandi of the Zyklon Ransomware is the same as most ransomware Trojans; the Zyklon Ransomware can make your files totally unemployable until you have the key to decrypt them by changing the files extensions to .zyklon. After infecting a computer, the Zyklon Ransomware will exhibit a ransom note in your desktop, explaining why you can't use your files and how to pay the demanded ransom to get your files back to normal. The Zyklon Ransomware uses the AES-512 cipher, which is a very strong encryption method and targets the following file types:


The perpetrators of the Zyklon Ransomware ask for approximately 250 Euros to provide the decryption key that will make it possible to decrypt the compromised files. Security experts didn't find a decryption application for the files encrypted by the latest version of the Zyklon Ransomware yet. Therefore, the solution is to use backups (if you have it) from an external drive. However, before taking any steps to recover your files, you need to clean your computer and remove the Zyklon Ransomware with an appropriate threat removal tool.

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