Image is a fake search engine associated with many browser hijackers.'s external appearance may feel familiar to many PC security researchers. This is because the fake search engine is nothing more than the latest iteration of the WinkZink and ZinkWink malware threats. Like many fake search engines of its type, is not designed to return accurate results. Using as a search engine will simply ensure that your computer system becomes infected with malware. Because of this, ESG security researchers strongly recommend not visiting Of course, many computer users have no choice but to visit this website. This is because is associated with browser hijackers, dangerous malware infections that force your Internet browser to visit malicious websites repeatedly and against your will.

Why You Should Avoid Conducting Searches on

Even though appears to be a legitimate search engine, will rarely return legitimate results after a search is made.'s search results will usually direct its victim to websites containing corrupt advertisements or promoting fraudulent products. The goal of is not to provide a search engine service. Rather, is designed to drive its victims to specific websites, which generate revenue according to the number of visits or clicks on specific links. While Internet advertising and affiliate marketing are techniques that are legitimate ways of making money online, using malware, browser hijackers, and malicious websites (such as for this purpose is an illegal practice.

If your Internet browser is continuously redirecting you to visit, this is a definitive sign of a severe browser hijacker infection, which should be dealt with immediately. If you have visited, ESG PC security researchers strongly recommend running a system scan of your system with a reliable anti-malware tool. While some computer users may think that a browser hijacker is nothing to worry about, ESG PC security researchers strongly advise to reconsider this position. Although it is often possible to browse the Internet on a computer infected with a browser hijacker, you must remember that your online activity is probably being tracked and that your personal data may be at risk. Browser hijackers are also often associated with dangerous rootkit infections, such as the TDSS rootkit or the ZeroAccess rootkit.

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