By GoldSparrow in Malware

A new vulnerability that was called ZombieLoad was uncovered recently by security researchers. Although Microsoft has created a patch for the flaw that can be found in business-level servers and computer desktops. ZombieLoad can be threatening since the attackers can read data exchanged different programs that are executed on the same computer nucleus, obtain access to a short-term memory placement in CPUs to collect data like user names and passwords. However, ZombieLoad attack only can be performed if the computer user runs a corrupted program on the targeted machine. ZombieLoad is similar to the Meltdown and Spectre hardware vulnerabilities, that were patched in February of 2018. A vulnerability such as ZombieLoad can endanger anyone using a computer.

Vulnerabilities are very tricky flaws that can stay undetected for a long time, and the criminals can keep using them until a patch is released. Although without a patch a flaw can be used indefinitely, computer users should do their best to avoid been affected by one of them by keeping their software always updated and been very selective with the applications they install on their machines.


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