Zippy Zarp

Zippy Zarp Description

Type: Adware

Malware analysts consider that Zippy Zarp is a Potentially Unwanted Program. PUPs are not considered risky, although they may cause symptoms similar to other threats. Malware researchers consider Zippy Zarp potentially unsafe because Zippy Zarp may compromise your privacy and expose your Web browser to content that may endanger your computer. Zippy Zarp is promoted as a way to find special online deals. However, Zippy Zarp does not really deliver on its promises, instead causing numerous problems on the affected computer that make it not worth to install Zippy Zarp on your Web browser. Because of this, if Zippy Zarp is installed on your computer, you should use an anti-malware program to analyze your computer and remove Zippy Zarp immediately.

Zippy Zarp is a PUP with Adware Capabilities

Security researchers have noted that Zippy Zarp has browser hijacker capabilities, taking over the victim's Web browser and forcing it to visit websites associated with Zippy Zarp. Redirects associated with Zippy Zarp are used to promote certain websites, increasing their page ranking and traffic statistics. Unfortunately, websites associated with Zippy Zarp redirects may carry out known scams or promote potentially compromised services or products. Browser hijackers are considered potentially threatening because they cause computer users to lose control over the affected computer browser, meaning that a third party may direct computer users to potentially harmful websites.

Zippy Zarp has adware capabilities, causing the appearance of numerous advertisements on affected Web browsers. Usually Zippy Zarp may cause pop-up advertisements to appear. However, Zippy Zarp may also add advertisements and marketing content to other websites unrelated to Zippy Zarp. For example, Zippy Zarp may add banner advertisements, sliding advertisements, or other types of marketing content to websites viewed on the affected Web browser. Zippy Zarp may cause in-text advertisements on the affected Web browser, highlighting certain words so that they may cause the exhibition of pop-up windows by your Web browser when the computer user passes the affected mouse over the highlighted word.

Technical Information

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Registry Details

Zippy Zarp creates the following registry entry or registry entries:
Registry key
Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Approved Extensions\{eeaa6cad-3d10-46b6-b1f0-ddeddc19f422}

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