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Zhen Ransomware

Zhen Ransomware is among a long list of growing malware threats that encrypt data on infected PCs only to make demands to the computer user to pay a substantial ransom for supposedly restoring the encrypted files.

The Zhen Ransomware gets its name from the file extension appended to files that it encrypts, which is some variation of ".zhen." While each of the files that Zhen Ransomware are easy to identify, they cannot be accessed due to Zhen Ransomware using aggressive encryption algorithms. Such encryption cannot be defeated without the proper decryption key, which Zhen Ransomware appears to sell for upwards of 0.3 Bitcoin, which equates to nearly $3,000 usd.

At such a substantial ransom fee, most victimized computer users will not be able to pay the ransom. However, those who can pay the fine to restore their files may do so, which may only embolden the hackers behind Zhen Ransomware. Paying the ransom is not recommended. Instead, those victimized by Zhen Ransomware are recommended by computer security experts to eliminate the Zhen Ransomware threat using an antimalware resource and then proceed to restore the encrypted files from a recent backup of their computer.

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