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ZFX Ransomware

ZFX is a threatening software known as ransomware that encrypts files and modifies filenames. The ZFX Ransomware adds a string of random characters, the '' email address and the '.ZFX' extension to each file name. For example, it will rename '1.jpg' to '1.jpg.ZFS,' '2.png' to '2.png.ZFX,' and so on. In addition to encrypting data, ZFX also changes the desktop wallpaper and drops a '+README-WARNING+.txt' file containing a ransom note from the attackers. ZFX is part of the Makop Ransomware family, which has been known to target individuals and businesses alike to extort money from victims by demanding payment for unlocking their encrypted files.

The Demands Left by the ZFX Ransomware

Victims of the ZFX Ransomware have their files encrypted and are instructed to pay a ransom to recover them. To be sure that there is a possibility of restoring the data, victims are offered to send two small files for free decryption. The attackers possess the private key required for decryption, and victims must contact them via email or through a provided Tox chat ID. Victims are warned not to attempt any modifications on the encrypted files, as this may result in data loss.

The Consequences of a ZFX Ransomware Attack

The outcome of a ransomware attack can be extensive and expensive, making it crucial to understand how to best respond should your business become a victim.

One of the main consequences of a ransomware attack is data loss. The attacker will typically encrypt data so that it cannot be recovered unless a ransom is paid. The impacted files will remain inaccessible unless decrypted with a key only held by the attackers. In worst-case scenarios, some attackers also may delete or corrupt files on the breached devices.

Perhaps one of the most immediate effects that accompany a ransomware attack is its financial costs, which typically include fees associated with recovery services, as well as lost assets, due to payments made to attackers upon the successful execution of harmful activities. Because these costs often strike without warning and affect all parts of an organization (e.g., human labor & time expenses), organizations need to weigh their options carefully before deciding whether or not they should pay up or attempt solutions using internal methods and resources.

Steps to Protect Your Devices from a Ransomware Attack

Making regular backups of your data is very important, as it can restore crucial information in the event of an attack. Make sure that you're backing up on external drives and in the cloud. Offline storage will provide protection from more sophisticated attempts to compromise your security. In addition, you should strive to have the latest versions of software and operating systems installed, as it is one of the best ways to protect yourself from malware and ransomware infections. Keeping up-to-date with updates gives you an extra layer of defense against new threats and vulnerabilities.

The full text of the ransom note delived by the ZFX Ransomware is:

'::: Hey :::

Small FAQ:

Q: What's going on?
A: Your files have been encrypted. The file structure was not affected, we did our best to prevent this from happening.

Q: How to recover files?
A: If you want to decrypt your files, you will need to pay us.

Q: What about guarantees?
A: It's just business. We are absolutely not interested in you and your transactions, except for profit. If we do not fulfill our work and obligations, no one will cooperate with us. It's not in our interest.
To check the possibility of returning files, you can send us any 2 files with SIMPLE extensions (jpg, xls, doc, etc… not databases!) and small sizes (max 1 mb), we will decrypt them and send them back to you. This is our guarantee.

Q: How to contact you?
A: You can write to us at our mailboxes:

Q: How will the decryption process take place after payment?
A: After payment, we will send you our scanner-decoder program and detailed instructions for use. With this program you will be able to decrypt all your encrypted files.

Q: If I don't want to pay bad people like you?
A: If you do not cooperate with our service - it does not matter to us. But you will lose your time and data because only we have the private key. In practice, time is much more valuable than money.

DO NOT try to modify encrypted files yourself!
If you try to use third party software to recover your data or antivirus solutions - back up all encrypted files!
Any changes to the encrypted files may result in damage to the private key and, as a result, the loss of all data.

Spare contact for communication:
If we have not answered your email within 24 hours, you can contact us via the free messenger qTox
Download from the link hxxps://
Next go qTox 64-bit
after downloading the program, install it and go through a short registration.
Our Tox ID'


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