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Zeznzo Ransomware

The Zeznzo Ransomware is a malware threat. The Zeznzo Ransomware is designed to lock the victims' files and then extort them for money. The hackers demand to receive a payment after which they will supposedly provide their victims with a decryption key that could restore the data. Ransomware operations have become a lucrative choice for cybercriminals and this trend could hold for quite a while.

Zeznzo Ransomware's Details

During its encryption process, the Zeznzo Ransomware targets a large array of file types - documents, photos, databases, archives, PDFs and more. Each locked file has a new extension appended to its original name. The extension used by Zeznzo Ransomware also serves to indicate an email address that is under the control of the threat's operators - ''

Next, victims will be shown a ransom note with instructions. According to the message, all affected users have just 10 hours to acquire a decryption key for their data. Furthermore, while the note doesn't mention the exact sum of the demanded ransom, it states that victims should be ready to pay using the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. 

The full text of the note is:

'Tango Down!

Your Computer has been Locked and Your Files Haven Been Encrypted

Don’t Panic, you get have your files back!

Your files will be deleted when the timer runs out, so you better hurry.

You have 10 hours to get your key

You are adviced to get your bitcoins ready for negotiations

send us a mail to get your system back,



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