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Zeropadypt Ransomware

By GoldSparrow in Ransomware

Recently, a new ransomware threat has been spotted. It was given the name Zeropadypt Ransomware. Most ransomware threats would apply an encryption to lock the files targeted and make them impossible to use. The Zeropadypt Ransomware, however, takes a different approach. This nasty pest will not encrypt your data. Instead, it would overwrite it with zeroes completely, hence the name Zeropadypt Ransomware. This means that any affected files will be impossible to recover after the attack has taken place.

It is unclear how the creators of the Zeropadypt Ransomware are propagating it, but it is largely believed it is done via pirated software, fraudulent updates, and mass email spam campaigns. When the Zeropadypt Ransomware sneaks into your system, it would perform a scan and identify which files to target. Once it detects the data it is looking for, it would overwrite it with zeroes and render it completely unusable. After this is completed, you will see that the Zeropadypt Ransomware has altered the names of your files by adding its extension to them. The extension name follows the pattern '[id=][]' where each victim would have their own ID generated. Next, the Zeropadypt Ransomware drops off its ransom note that goes by the name 'READ-Me-Now.txt.' Such social engineering tactics are designed to inflict a sense of urgency and stress in the victim, but this seems somewhat unnecessary as seeing all your data being locked has probably already achieved this goal. The note gives out an email address where you can contact the creators of the Zeropadypt Ransomware –

We would advise you to stay away from cybercriminals and not contact these crooks. They will likely promise you to send you a decryptor, which would recover your data but as we already mentioned, your data was not encrypted, but in fact, it was permanently ruined, and the attackers cannot fix the damage even if they wanted to. The best option for you is to install a reputable anti-spyware suite and wipe your PC clean.


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