Operators of dubious websites are known to use countless social engineering techniques to convince the users to take actions they otherwise would not. One of these tricks is tricking the visitor into believing that their dodgy website is hosting very entertaining content that they can only view if they comply with the website's requests. Often the page would require the user to either install a fake update of the Adobe Flash Player or click on the 'Allow' button they are presented with. The creators of the have taken the latter approach.

Tricks Users into Allowing Web Browser Notifications

Upon visiting the website, users will be asked to click on the 'Allow' button if they wish to view the content of the page. However, visitors of the site who click on the 'Allow' button will not be presented with the content they were promised. This is because there is no content to be viewed, and the only goal of the 'Allow' button is to get the permission of the users to display notifications in their Web browser. This can prove to be highly intrusive as the website is likely to bombard users with irrelevant and unwanted advertisements. To make matters worse, dodgy websites like the page are known to work in cooperation with shady advertising networks whose job is to promote low-quality products, as well as overly expensive and sometimes even fake services. Naturally, it is highly recommended that users avoid any interaction with the ads pushed by the website.

If the site has asked you to click the 'Allow' button and promised you interesting content, do not trust them. Instead, you should simply exit the website and avoid it in the future. However, users who have already permitted the page to display notifications in their Web browser should revoke the permission via the settings of their Web browser.


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