Description is a mischievous website that looks to use bogus advertising networks to display random advertisements and cause redirects to questionable sites. Computer users should beware of the site and avoid voluntarily visiting as it could promote malicious content or downloads.

In some instances, may load automatically as a default home page or new tab page within many popular web browser applications, such as Google Chrome, Firefox, or even Internet Explorer/Microsoft Edge web browsers. When loads automatically it may be an indication that browser extensions related to Yt-convert have been installed. In some cases, the components install upon loading random freeware apps or bundled software obtained from a third-party downloads site.

Removal of the components is necessary to stop the unwanted actions of the site loading automatically or the display of questionable advertisements from Using an updated antimalware resource will suffice for the automatic removal of and its components, which will then stop all unwanted actions of and is accompanied advertisement pop-ups.