Threat Database Adware 'YouTube Reward Center' Pop-Ups

'YouTube Reward Center' Pop-Ups

By GoldSparrow in Adware

The 'YouTube Reward Center' pop-up windows are not associated with reward systems by Google Inc. The 'YouTube Reward Center' pop-up messages are produced by con artists and may appear on devices infected with adware and browser hijackers. The 'YouTube Reward Center' notifications are hosted on untrusted pages, which have been registered recently and direct users to enter their phone number, age, name and gender. The 'YouTube Reward Center' notifications lead users to believe that their Internet services provider (ISP) has chosen their computer to receive a special gift — a chance to win an enticing prize like iPhone X, MacBook Air or a Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. All the user is supposed to do is enter his/her phone number, full name, gender and age. The text of the 'YouTube Reward Center' pop-ups reads:

'Every [current day of the week] exclusive internet/Communication companies select (7) users in the US to randommly receive a gift. This week, it is for [your ISP company and browser type]! You need to key in your details for verification!
(5) usershave won the New iphone x. Only (2) units left for grabs.
You have [two-minute countdown timer] to answer the questions before someone else takes over your spot. Good luck!!!'

The 'YouTube Reward Center' alerts might include a comments section where fake Facebook accounts have commented on their luck and mention what prizes they have "won." The 'YouTube Reward Center' campaigning is non-existent and should not be associated with legitimate surveys and rewards by Google Inc. Cybersecurity experts registered a similar hoax involving the 'Mozilla Firefox Opinion Poll' Messages shortly before the 'YouTube Reward Center' notifications attracted attention online. We suspect that third parties are pushing misleading information using logos of trusted companies for financial gain. Computer security specialists have followed through with the promises on the 'YouTube Reward Center' pop-ups only to find a small print saying that Web surfers who "verify" their identity agree to pay five dollars each week via their mobile phone for an indefinite period. It is obvious that the 'YouTube Reward Center' hoax aims to rob people of their money by using logos of trusted Internet services and small print on questionable contracts presented on untrusted pages. It is recommended to block pages associated with the 'YouTube Reward Center' hoax and avoid entering your personal information on questionable surveys. You can report phishing pages to Web browser vendors following the instructions below:

  • Edge: Open the browser's menu and click 'Send Feedback;' then choose 'Report site issue', enter the URL and add a short explanation about your experience.
  • Google Chrome: Click on the three dots icon, mark 'Help' and chose 'Report an issue'. You can add some sentences as a comment and click 'Send.'
  • Internet Explorer 11: Click on the gear icon, chose 'Safety' and then click 'Report unsafe site'; in the pop-up window mark the category of the site and complete the CAPTCHA challenge.
  • Mozilla Firefox: Open the browser's menu, navigate to 'Help' (the question mark icon) and click on 'Report Deceptive Site.'
  • Opera: Click on the site's badge located in the URL bar and click 'Details;' then load the 'Fraud and Malware Protection' tab and click 'Report Site.'


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