Threat Database Adware 'Mozilla Firefox Opinion Poll' Messages

'Mozilla Firefox Opinion Poll' Messages

By GoldSparrow in Adware

The 'Mozilla Firefox Opinion Poll' messages are generated by adware and browser hijackers which inject code into Mozilla Firefox and direct web surfers to answer a quick poll and win gift cards, coupons and amazing deals. The 'Mozilla Firefox Opinion Poll' messages are known to arrive as pop-up windows and new tab pages titled 'Mozilla Firefox Opinion poll.' PC users may be greeted by a dialog box saying "Dear Mozilla Firefox User, You are today's lucky visitor for: [CURRENT DATE]." The 'Mozilla Firefox Opinion Poll' notifications appear to suggest that the Mozilla Foundation is running some kind of promotions and that you can win great prizes.

It is all a hoax that dates back to 2013 when Web surfers started to complain from "Congratulations, you have won the 2013 Annual Visitor Survey ()" notifications in their browser. Con artists and unreliable marketers are using the 'Mozilla Firefox Opinion Poll' messages to convince people to give up information like their mobile phone number, email address. That type of information is valuable to marketers, advertisers and fake computer support agents who are looking to reach out to users and sell goods and services. The 'Mozilla Firefox Opinion Poll' new tabs and pop-ups may feature questions regarding your activity on the Internet including your preferred type of online content, recently downloaded files, time spent online per day and shopping preferences. It should be noted that the Mozilla Foundations does not run promotions such as the 'Mozilla Firefox Opinion Poll' campaign. The company behind the 'Mozilla Firefox Opinion Poll' messages is seen to use untrusted pages in their campaign to collect user data. The 'Mozilla Firefox Opinion Poll' adware may have entered your system as a browser extension and add-on bundled with a free media player. It is a good idea to check Firefox for unwanted toolbars and add-ons. Computer security experts recommend removing the adware and browser hijackers related to the 'Mozilla Firefox Opinion Poll' notifications with the help of a trusted anti-malware scanner.


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