Threat Database Rogue Websites 'Your version of Windows is out of date' POP-UP Scam

'Your version of Windows is out of date' POP-UP Scam

Cybersecurity researchers have uncovered another dubious site using fake scares and misleading messages to trick visitors. The shady website presented users with a deceptive pop-up message falsely indicating that their Windows operating system was outdated. These types of pages are often created with malicious intentions, aiming to extract personal information, solicit money, or promote potentially harmful software.

Caution is Required When Dealing with the 'Your version of Windows is out of date' POP-UP Scam

The message states that the visitor's version of Windows is outdated and implies that browsing internet sites is unsafe. The misleading pop-ups further claim that the network connection would be lost if immediate action is not taken. The messages urged users to perform urgent system updates by clicking on the conveniently provided link via the 'Update Windows' button.

Another message on the same site claims that a critical error had been found related to the license key for Ultra_VPN. It notifies users that the Ultra_VPN license will expire in a certain time and warns that the internet connection will be blocked for security reasons. The message then offers users the option to renew the license key with an 80% discount.

These deceptive pages redirected the users to a legitimate page with an affiliate's ID in the URL. It appears that these pop-ups are set up by affiliates who intend to earn illegitimate commissions. It is worth noting that the app being promoted, UltraVPN, is a legitimate application that is not associated with this tactic.

Another vital detail about similarly untrustworthy websites is that the people behind them may try to lure unsuspecting visitors into providing remote access to their computers. In such cases, these people may try to collect sensitive information or money, infect computers with malware, or perform other harmful actions.

Keep in Mind the Common Aspects of Tactics Like the 'Your version of Windows is out of date.'

These tactics employ a variety of deceptive tricks to get the attention of users and evoke a sense of urgency or fear. They often utilize alarming messages that highlight system errors, security threats, or expiring licenses. The intention is to manipulate users into taking immediate fixing measures, such as clicking on a link, downloading software, or sharing personal information.

Pop-up schemes specifically target well-known brands, services, or software to enhance their credibility and gain the trust of unsuspecting users. By leveraging the reputation of reputable entities, these tactics aim to deceive users for financial gain. This can occur through direct payments requested by the fraudsters or redirecting users to affiliate links that generate commissions for the perpetrators.


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