Threat Database Adware 'Your purchase of BTC has started' Email Virus

'Your purchase of BTC has started' Email Virus

By GoldSparrow in Adware

Since the beginning of the Internet, cybercriminals have been using phishing emails to propagate tactics and distribute malware. The fraudsters never run out of new topics to use when crafting phishing emails. One of the latest email phishing campaigns identified by malware experts is the ‘Your purchase of BTC has started’ Email Virus.

With the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies, online conmen have created more and more cryptocurrency-themed tactics. The ‘Your purchase of BTC has started’ email virus claims that the user has bought Bitcoin (BTC) worth approximately $1,000. This tactic aims to scare victims into believing that they have spent $1,000 on a cryptocurrency unknowingly, which may lead many targeted users to panic. The phishing email would offer the user to open the attached file to find out more about the supposed BTC purchase. Users who get tricked into opening the file attached to the phishing email would deploy the Gozi Trojan on their systems. This is because the attached file is macro-laced and would infiltrate the user’s system as soon as they launch it.

If you are one of the irritated users who were targeted by the ‘Your purchase of BTC has started’ email virus, do not open the email or the attachment. Make sure you delete the email from your inbox, report and block the sender to avoid future interaction with the fraudsters. For the sake of your safety, it is best to scan your PC with the help of a genuine, modern anti-malware application.


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