Threat Database Adware 'Your Phone is Sending Spam' Pop-Up Scam

'Your Phone is Sending Spam' Pop-Up Scam

The 'Your phone is sending SPAM!' is a fake warning. After showing up on your desktop, the pop-up message will tell you about a nasty piece of adware that may cause severe damage to your phone. The warning states that things could go very wrong for your phone unless you click a blue OK button to follow a set of instructions to remove the virus.

The 'Your phone is sending SPAM!' is spam all the way through. If it were real, you should have got such a warning on your mobile device, not your desktop PC. What is more, the pop-up message does not reveal any details about the software vendor that has provided the generous offer to fix your phone. Last but not least, trying to scare PC users into buying an unknown piece of software is a tactic utilized by malware actors rather than respectable software developers.

You may have got the 'Your phone is sending SPAM!' alert after clicking on a malware-laden weblink or through a Web redirect. Hackers usually lay such mines wherever they can. Usually, those places are websites lacking any adequate security against external intervention. That's why it is imperative to avoid suspicious URLs, file-sharing sites and any site promising you the moon and beyond. Still, if you happen to strike a landmine and get the 'Your phone is sending SPAM!' pop-up on your computer, do not hesitate to perform a full system scan and clean your PC using a robust anti-malware tool. 


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