Threat Database Rogue Websites 'Your Phone may Be Receiving Many Spam Texts' POP UP Scam

'Your Phone may Be Receiving Many Spam Texts' POP UP Scam

Fraudsters are using fake security alerts to trick users. The dubious websites will show pop-ups and messages featuring the logo, name, and branding of Norton, a division of NortonLifeLock. If users do not read the fine print at the bottom of the dubious page, they would be left with the impression that the shown messages are indeed delivered by this reputable computer security company. However, this is not the case, as the site is 'not affiliated or endorsed by Norton.'

Still, the con artists will address any visitor of the dubious page as 'Norton User' and will try to convince them that their phones have been reported for receiving too many spam texts. In addition, at least according to the luring messages, users risk losing all the information on their computers, unless they take action in the form of pressing the conveniently presented 'START CLEAN' button.

When the button is clicked, it will trigger a fake system scan that will invariably manage to detect numerous. different issues on the user's system. In reality, no website is capable of performing such scans and all of the displayed results are entirely fabricated. The operators of these schemes often try to take users to legitimate pages where they will earn commission fees for each completed purchase via affiliate programs. 

However, the same deceptive message also can be utilized to push dubious software products that are little more than intrusive PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs). Reading the small print on the site also reveals that these people may be trying to convince unsuspecting users to purchase 'products offered on the last page require shipping and handling fees.' 


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