Threat Database Rogue Websites Pop-Ups Pop-Ups is not a site that users are likely to visit willingly. After all, its main reason for existing is to run a deceptive tactic in an attempt to lure visitors into buying a subscription for a chosen application. More specifically, the page propagates the 'Your PC is infected with 5 viruses!' scheme.

After being opened, this untrustworthy website will generate various pop-up windows, show misleading or outright fake warnings and security alarms, and even pretend to be running a malware scan. Users should keep in mind that no website is capable of scanning their computers or devices on its own. As such, the claims that has managed to detect 5 dangerous malware threats should be disregarded completely, as they are entirely false.

Users also should remember that legitimate companies do not rely on these deceptive website types to promote their applications. Thus, despite showing the branding of McAfee and trying to convince users that the malware alarms are coming from the security vendor, this is not the case. McAfee has absolutely no connection to the page. The fraudsters simply want to earn illegitimate commission fees from the users they manage to trick into buying a subscription for McAfee's products.


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