Threat Database Rogue Websites 'Your Computer is Low on Memory' POP-UP Scam

'Your Computer is Low on Memory' POP-UP Scam

The 'Your computer is low on memory' is a type of deceitful pop-up window that is often presented by rogue applications, which can include adware, Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs), browser hijackers and other . These types of pop-ups are designed to trick users into providing the application with various permissions, including control over web browsers and the data stored within them. Once the user grants these permissions, the rogue application can then use this access to collect and misuse sensitive information or perform other intrusive activities on the user's device. It is important to note that the dubious apps generating this fake message are targeted at Mac users specifically.

The 'Your Computer is Low on Memory' Pop-Up could Indicate the Presence of a PUP

The pop-up window that appears on the user's screen claims that their computer is running low on memory and recommends that they close some of their open applications to free up space. However, this pop-up window is designed to conceal another window, and as a result, the 'Close' button on the first window also serves as the consent button for the hidden window.

As a result, when the user clicks on 'Close,' they inadvertently grant permission for the hidden window's request, which is usually a system window requesting the ability to execute potentially harmful actions or access sensitive information. For example, a rogue application may use this deceptive tactic to obtain permission to control the user's web browser (such as Google Chrome or Safari).

Once the rogue application gains access to the user's browser, it can then access the data stored within it, such as documents, passwords, and other sensitive information, and misuse it for various purposes. It is also worth noting that the 'Your computer is low on memory' pop-up may reappear when users attempt to uninstall the application responsible for it. Some of the apps confirmed to generate this misleading pop-up are,, MacSecurityPlus, and others.

Adware and PUPs may Cause Privacy Issues

Adware is software that displays intrusive ads, such as pop-ups, banners, surveys, coupons, and more, which can significantly disrupt the browsing experience by slowing down browsing speed and hindering website visibility. Furthermore, clicking on these ads may lead to redirection to sale-based, untrusted, compromised, deceptive, or scam websites. Other unwanted programs, such as browser hijackers, can modify browsers, limit users' access to settings, and promote fake search engines.

Most PUPs, regardless of their other capabilities, have the ability to track user data. They can monitor browsing activity, including URLs visited, pages viewed, search queries typed, and more, and collect users' personal information, such as IP addresses, geolocations, and other details derived from this data. This collected information is then shared with third parties, including potentially malicious actors seeking to generate revenue by misusing it.

Therefore, be cautious when browsing the internet and to take steps to protect your device and personal information from adware and other potentially unwanted programs. This may include using anti-malware software, regularly updating your device and applications, and being wary of clicking on suspicious links or downloading unknown content.


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