'Your chrome Device may be too old' Pop-Up Scam

'Your chrome Device may be too old' Pop-Up Scam Description

'Your chrome Device may be too old' is a scam leveraged against Android users. The scheme is being proliferated by several deceptive websites. Typically, such scams are used to promote dubious or barely working PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) to less tech-savvy users. In rare cases, even serious malware threats could be delivered via the same tactics.

When users land on one of the deceitful pages running the 'Your chrome Device may be too old' pop-up scam, they will be presented with a message offering them an application update. The implication is that the user's device is too old but installing the promoted app could deliver sizeable gains in page loading speed and a significant reduction in 3G traffic. In fact, the scam gives exact numbers - 78% faster page loading and 45% reduced 3G traffic by enabling compression. Reaching the end of the pop-up message reveals that the scam is actually pushing Ace Browser, a legitimate app available on Google Play.

Even when the scams seem to offer legitimate applications, users should still avoid downloading them from the provided link. Packaged with the real app may be various PUPs or malware threats. Instead, if you wish to test the app, install it from the official platform and not the random site that you somehow landed on.