Threat Database Potentially Unwanted Programs 'You Have Blocked Emails Created' Scam

'You Have Blocked Emails Created' Scam

The 'You Have Blocked Emails Created' email scam aims to influence computer users who were unlucky enough to receive this fake warning to open phishing websites. Phishing websites are corrupted websites that masquerade as legitimate sites. Cybercriminals typically use these sites to collect sensitive information, such as log-in credentials, bank account numbers and credit card details. In many cases, phishing websites may contain links to other unsafe websites or downloads of threatening software.  

How the 'You Have Blocked Emails Created' Scam may Have Reached Your Machine

PUPs associated with the 'You Have Blocked Emails Created' scam may enter a computer bundled with other software. When PC users install an application, they may be application (usually an unwanted one) has been bundled with the program they are installing. Although PC users may disable the installation of the unwanted applicarion by searching through the installation choices for a 'Custom' or 'Advanced' installation option, they usually do not do it. Besides, this option may be challenging to find, or the installer may try different techniques (such as bogus error messages) to ensure that computer users do not opt-out of installing the PUP. These added components are a common way to make money at the expense of computer users.

The content on the message displayed by the 'You Have Blocked Emails Created' reads:

'Subject: Check Recent Activities!

Wenesday,13 at 10:22 AM


You have 3 blocked emails created  ID: 43302,  Subject:  Re : Wire Transfer
We need to validate you as the owner of this email

Kindly proceed below to view blocked emails.

This email was sent to


Do not become a victim of this scam by believing its lies. Instead, find out where it originated and remove its source with a good malware scanner.


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