XP Protection 2014

XP Protection 2014 Description

XP Protection 2014 is a rogue anti-virus program. Upon installation, XP Protection 2014 will show fake scan results on purpose, fake security alerts and will disrupt the smooth functionality of your Internet browser and other programs. XP Protection 2014 works on various Windows platforms and has the capability of changing its name depending on the particular operating system. It is the same application with minor cosmetic differences. In their efforts to give one name for all the varieties of XP/Vista/Win 7/Win 8 Protection 2014, some experts refer to it as Multi-name rogue 2014.

XP Protection 2014 belongs to the -Braviax family of computer threats that is responsible for compromising thousands of computers and has been observed for years. Among the countless threats that belong to the FakeRean family are XP Protection 2014 is a typical rogue anti-virus program. XP Protection 2014 resembles legitimate security applications and has a user-friendly interface, which copies the Windows style - including colors, font and icons. This is specially designed to evoke trust.

Ways of Distribution for XP Protection 2014

There are several methods that XP Protection 2014 uses to infiltrate your computer. A common distribution method is through the use of fake online scanners that appear on some sites. They may notify you for threats in your computer and offer to delete them for free. In fact, these threats don't exist. XP Protection 2014 may be installed even without you suspecting anything - primarily as a result of the actions of Trojans. They sometimes pretend to be legit applications, required for watching videos online. In case you visit some suspicious website which may be hacked with scripts, the threatening software will attempt to find vulnerabilities in your computer and use them to its advantage.

What Does XP Protection 2014 Do?

After its successful installation, XP Protection 2014 alters your system settings and adds itself to the list of programs started each time your PC boots up automatically. Then, XP Protection 2014 initiates a fake scanning process and always states that your computer is compromised. The security warnings displayed are worded in such a way so that you feel the infiltrations represent a severe danger. XP Protection 2014 may notify you that your actions are monitored, and your valuable information is vulnerable or anything else that would lead to catastrophic results unless immediately removed. Some of the messages may include:

'System Hijack!
System security threat was detected. Viruses and/or spyware may be damaging your system now. Prevent infection and data loss or stealing by running a free security scan.

XP Protection 2014 has blocked a program from accessing the internet
This program is infected with Trojan-BNK.Win32.Keylogger.gen
Private data can be stolen by third parties, including credit card details and passwords.'

None of these alerts is legit, and the best suggestion for you is to take no notice of them. Your negative experience as a result of XP Protection 2014 may not end with the constant alerts. In order to make the deception even more convincing, XP Protection 2014 may hijack your Internet browser and block a range of sites. The error page you will see when you attempt to visit them will inform you about a severe security threat.

In order to combine its efforts to not be revealed and deleted with the idea to make you feel scared, XP Protection 2014 will block several programs as well. Each time you try to start any of them, the XP Protection 2014 will label them as a severe threat. All of these warnings are false. Unfortunately, the surprise, combined with the seemingly trustworthy interface, has managed to deceive many people. In order to delete the false threats, the fake security program first requires you to purchase its 'full version'. Don't fall for this trick as it is a misleading tactic with the intention to get your money and your bank account information. There will be nothing in return for your payment. In case you did make a purchase, you should contact your bank and contest the charges, explaining this is a fraud. The bank should take immediate actions to restrict the access of the cyber-hackers to your credit card data and possibly refund you the money.

What do the Experts Recommend Against XP Protection 2014?

If you see any symptoms of XP Protection 2014 on your PC, you must remove XP Protection 2014 before any harm is done. Taking in mind all the contrivance XP Protection 2014 uses, it is not too hard to imagine how deep into your computer XP Protection 2014 attaches. Manual removal may turn out to be quite a challenge because there are numerous files associated with this threat and deleting every single one of them requires high skill. XP Protection 2014 has also modified the registries, and they are a sensitive subject. Any minor mistake there may have severe negative results. This is why security experts recommend downloading a powerful real anti-malware program for the best results. It will get rid of XP Protection 2014 and protect you from the many other threats that stalk you in the cyberspace.

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