Threat Database Stealers Xenon Stealer

Xenon Stealer

As its name suggests, Xenon Stealer is a new data stealer threat that has been discovered to be offered for purchase on underground hacker forums. The user who created Xenon Stealer's post has previously done the same for another malware threat called Zenon Clipper.

According to the description, Xenon Stealer is a potent threat written in C#. It can harvest information such as passwords, cookies, browser history, autofill details, download history, maps, etc., from a wide range of Web browsers. Furthermore, it can collect sessions from desktop applications, including Discord, Telegram, Outlook, Pidgin, Dogs and Dogs+. Various system information also will be collected and transmitted to the attackers - IP address, geolocation, details about the specific computer system, etc. Clipboard contents also can be extracted and exfiltrated. Xenon Stealer can affect twelve different crypto wallets - Armory, Atomic Wallet, Bitcoin core, Bytecoin, Dash core, Electrum, Ethereum, Exodus, Jaxx, Litecoin core, Currency and Zcash.

Two price tiers for Xenon Stealer are available. The first one costs $80 and provided lifetime use with a one-time crypt. The higher tier is priced at $150 per month but includes a crypt subscription.


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