Zenon Clipper

Zenon is a threatening piece of software that malware researchers classify as a "clipper." The main functionality of a so-called "clipper" is to redirect outgoing cryptocurrency transfers from the victim's wallets to wallets controlled by the malware operators. Zenon achieves its goal by detecting when the affected user saves a cryptocurrency wallet address to their clipboard, capturing that address, and then replacing it with the address of some of the cybercriminals' wallets.

This specific clipper is considered threatening particularly, as it possesses remarkable anti-detection and anti-analysis capabilities. Furthermore, it targets transactions to most popular cryptocurrency wallets, including Bitcoin, Monero, Etherium, Life Coin, DogeCoin, Qiwi, Ripple and others.

The Zenon Clipper is currently offered for sale on underground hacking forums, and its proliferation methods depend on the specific techniques used by the cybercriminals who have purchased it. Most often, the malware is distributed through Trojans, spam e-mail campaigns, illicitly cracked software activation tools and other similar sources. This threat infiltrates a system unnoticed and conducts its processes silently. Therefore, victims would not notice any symptoms of this infection. The Zenon Clipper can be removed through a legitimate anti-malware program.


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