Wysasys.com is a dubious website designed to deliver questionable content to its visitors. The site is also running a popular browser-based scheme that relies on deceptive and clickbait messages to trick users into subscribing to the site's push notification services. Furthermore, Wysasys.com appears to be heavily promoted through Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs) that target Mac users. This is a common tactic when it comes to this type of scam websites as users are extremely unlikely to open such a page intentionally.

Upon landing on Wysasys.com, visitors will be presented with a blurry background image while the following message will be displayed on top of it:


You can find all new and best movies if you visit our site


The goal of the site is to trick users into allowing its push notifications. If successful, Wysasys.com would be able to run an intrusive advertising campaign through the affected browser and thus generate monetary gains for its creators. Users will notice a drastic increase in the pop-ups, banners, surveys, in-text links, etc. they encounter while surfing the web. The unwanted advertisements could even begin to cover the legitimate websites opened in the browser causing a severely diminished user experience. 

Far more worrisome, however, is the potential of the ads to redirect to other questionable or outright unsafe domains. Users who click on an ad presented by Wysasys.com could easily be taken to scam pages for fake giveaways, phishing schemes, or tech support scams. Domains dedicated to the spread of numerous PUPs are also popular redirect destinations. 

To stop the Wysasys.com scam, first, make sure that there are no PUPs already present on your Mac by performing a scan with a professional anti-malware product. Afterward, open the respective settings menu of your browser and revoke all permissions granted to the scam site. 


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