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SpyHunter Detects & Remove WIN.Trojan.Pasta

File System Details

WIN.Trojan.Pasta creates the following file(s):
# File Name MD5 Detection Count
1 breakawaylive.exe ddab6f4527b12f8b995aee2612049ee8 98
2 lsql.exe 0cb5b2f50e848f6b73ea9eda57f1c658 61
3 Firefox.exe 034dee2d08842cc91c7979dbc4af7656 11
4 updat.exe 1f7f5b31a91f0d6d70b63efcbeaea956 8
5 svhost.exe b6f63295ac288591fbbb38a9abed47e2 7
6 ortzcmx.dll 0f5054841d68a6d8411c044a8bf095af 7
7 A-2037515087.exe 823bf13dc0de0d701ec3c1b2310c438b 6
8 2E51.exe 2cc47a61a7d1f1686029def7c2d4f245 4
9 3D8E.exe c1631664560ae460b35a96bfa5290929 4
10 iivabkxvhw.exe 73565935672549dff58eace372f4e4e0 4
11 fvkpj.dll de3af6d643ab1e1a52f726b9a919862d 4
12 1A5.exe 0e51fd2dde920057685d23e454e14b87 3
13 Download.exe b60ae12e56d8d8c862fad9deeab6596a 2
14 nodenable.exe 241f0160ec5a89422894d97e15f35c4c 2
15 csrss.exe 9d38dfeb208a5458e5b22ffa53ab0734 2
16 donep.exe 41b0b36328a4a8e8729d47279eb1064a 2
17 windef.exe 69854a95356f89ebeed9bd30ece513de 2
18 FacbookUpdate.exe 23e911e6a2ad43e69d01c838f4b32f16 1
19 1yg5a1faes6g.exe d03950c4f59e17791d1d4168369cdc75 1
20 uurstuhze.exe 7ce4eea3836f28aa8c09291294001eb3 1
21 2CEB.exe b1afd50a11b704098a915b8986162238 1
22 pjct4.cpl 62d846b732d5e61dd35a5ec1776e3588 1
23 jawawws.dll e24175f966313cb2e8fa51be4fbb41fd 1
24 oyiul.exe 31bb33215f9688ddd5de63e7d00d9861 1
25 win.exe 15359b5ca22d0204f27e6ab0874c8d6e 0
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