VirTool:WinNT/Rootkitdrv.HS Description

VirTool:WinNT/Rootkitdrv.HS is dangerous malware with rootkit functionality. VirTool:WinNT/Rootkitdrv.HS may enter a system bundled with other malware or internet downloads. VirTool:WinNT/Rootkitdrv.HS uses stealth tactics to operate without being detected. When inside a system, it will make changes to the Windows registry and drop malicious files onto the system. VirTool:WinNT/Rootkitdrv.HS may also slow down the operations of a system and cause it to crash. VirTool:WinNT/Rootkitdrv.HS is a security risk that should be extinguished from a compromised machine immediately after it is detected.

Aliases: W32/Tiny.A!tr.rkit [Fortinet], Win32.Tiny.A.Rkit [eSafe], Artemis!68857466541B [McAfee], Win32:Eorezo-G, W32/Agent.GGYM!tr [Fortinet], Malware/Win32.Inno [AhnLab-V3], DR/StartPage.agyh.5 [AntiVir], Trojan.Siggen2.12629 [DrWeb], Trojan.Win32.S.Agent.1874320, VBS_INNO.AE, W32/StartPage.ALMH, Artemis!BE8EA443C780 [McAfee], Generic Rootkit [Panda], W32/ZAccess.C!tr.rkit [Fortinet] and Hacktool.Rootkit.

Technical Information

File System Details

VirTool:WinNT/Rootkitdrv.HS creates the following file(s):
# File Name Size MD5 Detection Count
1 D:\MISA\PROGRAMI\CRYPTLOAD 1.1.8 + IP CHANGER\router\FRITZ!Box\nc.exe 61,440 ab41b1e2db77cebd9e2779110ee3915d 388
2 %USERPROFILE%\My Documents\Downloads\MoH2010\Medal Of Honor Limited Edition_Crack\Binaries\Crack1\Binaries\SecuROM.dll 144,896 0f176c410f05cd8f7c1268674a21d262 65
3 %TEMP%SoftwareProtection.exe 314,456 8ac110d9eea01b33a7cbf614f7f3d2c8 16
4 %WINDIR%\system32\gloom.sys 5,632 68857466541bb1b800d48caf3a79ae83 9
5 %WINDIR%\System32\drivers\ag02.sys 14,592 241b9318dfe7f887da2bb6a1304db829 8
6 %PROGRAMFILES%\\NeapolNet.exe 257,536 40d767b25a2433cb34371740ecee2ad7 5
7 %WINDIR%\System32\DRIVERS\update.sys 384,768 b4f334ee63329e31f5f5a106f1274468 4
8 `.vbe 6,351 1ee104ec7956ec629513fab340cdc876 3
9 C:\RECYCLER\VVisit.exe 1,404,928 9ac1a518343130e14b0994efcba9f737 3
10 %PROGRAMFILES%\Windows Live\Messenger\msngserv.exe 47,104 00c2be29de6d10ca331890e971621a93 2
11 %PROGRAMFILES%\Screen Calendar\scrcal.exe 2,206,661 bf80e48b44cbc6a56450605da8fc6a14 2
12 %WINDIR%\System32\DRIVERS\netbios.sys 34,688 cc760b29d88869a51d9b7fc3c08e1a3c 2
13 %WINDIR%\System32\DRIVERS\redbook.sys 57,600 9ed828b092be4a6df3fa6140c3c1496c 2
14 %WINDIR%RegCtrlwow.exe 499,200 303f047429d5344c78759eb38ea8a345 2
15 %WINDIR%\system32\mscms32.dll 252,416 6d1c7ccdc56f4c27272ccf6fb7bdcb67 2
16 %WINDIR%\system32\authz32.dll 418,816 36e411823194c0e1fe91b8f75d3a6b4d 2
17 D:\Belgeler\1299_Client_HiimOki\SkyShield.sys 8,422 30cbd19534aed6fc0611b3146f7722a2 1
18 %WINDIR%\System32\DRIVERS\ndiswan.sys 91,520 d618eedfdbe3c753c9bf82611427fad5 1
19 %WINDIR%\System32\DRIVERS\i8042prt.sys 53,248 77022784e8da14515d1f09fe38f5e8f9 1
20 %ALLUSERSPROFILE%api-ms-win-core-handle-l1-1-032.dll 260,608 83a2806d43cdd608df238cd802481f2e 1
21 %USERPROFILE%\Mes documents\PHOTOSHOP\CADRES\pctuto_353.exe 1,874,320 be8ea443c78032bb9ebc8c27d7b195b0 1

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