WinLock2 Ransomware

WinLock2 Ransomware Description

Type: Ransomware

The WinLock2 Ransomware is a screen locker, a ransomware Trojan that carries out a variant of the police ransomware scam, and targets computer users in eastern Europe. Ransomware Trojans that carry out this tactic are designed to impersonate the police and trick the victim into paying a fine or fee, supposedly for breaking various laws. The WinLock2 Ransomware and similar screen lockers are designed to harass computer users by extorting them so that they will pay ransoms in exchange for access to their computers. The WinLock2 Ransomware, in particular, will prevent the victim from accessing the affected computer by displaying a full-screen message that appears to come from the police.

Recognizing a WinLock2 Ransomware Infection

Victims of the WinLock2 Ransomware attack will be greeted with a large screen with a message that's supposedly from the police when they log into their computers. The message will ask them to input a PIN code and will display a new warning when the computer users input the wrong PIN code. There is very little that differentiates the WinLock2 Ransomware from the numerous other police ransomware Trojans that are active currently.

How the WinLock2 Ransomware may Enter a Computer

There are many ways in which ransomware Trojans like the WinLock2 Ransomware can spread. While the most common way of distributing these threats is through the use of spam email messages, PC security researchers have noted that they also can spread through corrupted advertisements and exploit kits on shady websites, as well as fake file downloads on the Web. In the case of the WinLock2 Ransomware, this malware threat has been distributed to the public by disguising itself as a crack for a popular computer game. Pirated software websites and similar sources are a common cause of these infections, often hosting compromised files.

Dealing with a WinLock2 Ransomware Infection

Removing the WinLock2 Ransomware infection requires a 16-character string, and then computer users are required to click on the 'Zaplatt' button. PC security researchers advise computer users to ignore this method and to, instead, use a reliable security program to remove the WinLock2 Ransomware. However, the WinLock2 Ransomware will block access to the Windows shortcuts or the Windows Task Manager, both of which can be used to remove the WinLock2 Ransomware. Because of this, before removing the WinLock2 Ransomware infection, it will be necessary to restore access to the infected computer. To do this, malware analysts advise the use of an alternate start-up method to gain access to the infected computer. The use of Safe Mode or alternate boot methods can help prevent the WinLock2 Ransomware from running automatically when Windows starts up. Once this has been prevented, a security program should be used to perform a full scan of the infected computer. Threats like the WinLock2 Ransomware will rarely be installed all by itself. If the WinLock2 Ransomware has been installed on your computer, it is likely that another threat has also been installed. Because of this, it will usually be a good idea to follow up the removal of the WinLock2 Ransomware with a full, in-depth scan of the affected computer.

Preventing the WinLock2 Ransomware Attacks

Since the WinLock2 Ransomware Trojan spreads disguised as a crack for a pirated video game, avoiding these illicit files is key in preventing the WinLock2 Ransomware attacks. Apart from this, computer users should refrain from visiting shady websites and opening dubious content (such as spam email attachments) when browsing the Web. Being more cautious when browsing the Web, combined with the use of a reliable security program with real-time anti-malware protection can help prevent malware like the WinLock2 Ransomware from entering your PC.

Technical Information

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File System Details

WinLock2 Ransomware creates the following file(s):
# File Name MD5 Detection Count
1 Call of Duty WWII.exe 4865e5f02525e4b07f1e8e9af6848c5e 0

Registry Details

WinLock2 Ransomware creates the following registry entry or registry entries:
Registry key
SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\ WinLock2

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