The WindTape malware is a threat that belongs to the hacking arsenal of the WindShift APT (Advanced Persistent Threat). The WindTape threat is designed to target Mac computers exclusively. The WindTape malware was first spotted back in 2018. It would appear that the WindShift hacking group has not used it much since.

The WindTape threat may appear as a rather simple hacking tool at first glance, but it is capable of causing a significant amount of damage to its targets. The WindTape malware is a tool designed to take screenshots of the target’s desktop. This hacking tool is programmed to take a new screenshot every five seconds, ensuring that it does not miss any important activity that the target may be engaging in. As soon as the WindTape threat takes a screenshot, it would transfer it to the attackers’ C&C (Command & Control) server. Next, the original screenshot is wiped out, a new one is taken, and the process is repeated. This allows the attackers to collect data such as personal information, login credentials, banking details, etc.

It is likely that the WindTape hacking tool is not utilized very often by the WindShift APT because this hacking group relies on malware to carry out its attacks rarely. Interestingly enough, the WindShift hacking group utilizes malware as a last resort because they prefer to use elaborate social engineering tricks to obtain the data they are looking for. The WindShift hacking group is a rather unique APT that is yet to be fully analyzed and understood by cybersecurity researchers.


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