Description is a rogue website, whose primary purpose consists of showing deceptive content and promoting other questionable websites. The website also asks for permission to deliver notifications to a user’s browser directly. Other similar pages are, and many others.

It is highly unlikely that users visit deliberately and on purpose. Instead, such websites get promoted through untrustworthy advertisements, pop-ups and other rogue pages. In many cases, Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs) also redirect users to websites with no meaningful content., in particular, displays a fake security message that is supposed to scare visitors and encourage them to run some anti-virus scan. Then, the page generates a fake list of detections to make visitors believe they have various malware threats installed on their devices. Possibly, attempts to advertise a legit anti-virus application fraudulently and then collect commissions from an affiliate program. also may cause redirects to a phishing website, where users are asked to provide personal information, or some possibly unsafe pages designed to promote fake software and other shady online services. Additionally, pages like often display potentially malicious advertisements that may contain scripts for downloading and installing malware.

Most Potentially Unwanted Programs, like the one that possibly launches, spread through fake downloaders and installers for other programs. If you suspect you have a PUP installed on your computer, you can run a scan with a certified anti-virus application and remove all detected objects.