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What Is

Sometimes Windows users may notice that their browser has tried to open a strange page - Such an unexplained behavior could be considered alarming; after all, the Internet is flooded with adware, browser hijackers, and other types of PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs). So is the address related to the activities of such a questionable program? Fortunately, the answer is no - is a perfectly legitimate page performing a specific function. 

This is the website that Windows uses to check if the system has Internet access. Microsoft states that users could see the page occasionally when trying to connect their devices to public networks that need a HotSpot sign-in, such as an airport or a hotel WiFi. A redirect to also could be triggered when you are trying to connect to a network that employs a proxy server. If you see that your browser is stuck on the page, try restarting the router to fix potential issues related to your Internet connection. 

Users should still be cautious, though. Pay attention to the exact address of the page being opened in the browser. Any deviation from the official could be a sign of harmful or unwanted activity. Furthermore, some malware threats could employ a technique known as local DNS hijack. As a result, users may see that the browser is opening but, in reality, a different page is being loaded. The unknown site can be running various online tactics, promoting PUPs under false pretenses or trying to exploit the users in other ways. 

To keep your system safe, it is recommended to use a professional and proven anti-malware solution and run thorough scans frequently.