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'' Pop-Ups

By GoldSparrow in Browser Hijackers

The domain is associated with a browser hijacker that may be dispersed among computer users with the help of free software bundles. The domain may be blacklisted by most Web filters like Google Safe Browsing and Websense ThreatSeeker as well as AV firewalls. The browser hijacker mentioned before may load content from and show users fake security warnings that state 'Your Microsoft Computer Has Been Blocked' by using JavaScript. Additionally, users that are infected with the browser hijacker may not be able to open new tabs and be forced to use the Windows Task Manager to close their Internet browser. The browser hijacker linked to may disable the built-in pop-up prevention mechanism in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox that allow users to block unwanted pop-up windows. The pop-up windows by may feature icons and other visual elements that are associated with AV products to claim credibility.

Additionally, the pop-ups may feature an Adobe Flash animation of an ongoing security scan and play an audio recording of a female voice urging you to contact a technical support agent to clean your PC. Security researchers warn users that they will not receive legitimate technical assistance on the numbers provided on the pop-up windows. The browser hijacker associated with is designed to scare users into calling 877-228-8183 and 916-382-7788, and you should not fall for that. The browser hijacker on your PC cannot disable your cyber defense, but calling 877-228-8183 and 916-382-7788 may result in installing a rogue security app like Advanced PC Shield 2012 and losing up to $400. The fake technicians on 877-228-8183 and 916-382-7788 strive to convince users of a security breach to justify their operations, and you should not be fooled. Security researchers advise users to install a reputable anti-malware application that can eradicate the browser hijacker and boost your cyber defense.


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