Users who find themselves encountering the website should be careful. After all, the page is not put on the Internet with the goal of providing them with any useful service. Instead, its sole purpose for existing is to run various online tactics. It should be noted that rogue websites, such as are often capable of adjusting the scenario they show based on certain parameters, such as visitors' IP addresses and geolocation.

It is highly likely that will attempt to trick users into unknowingly enabling its push notifications. It may try to create the impression that users must pass a CAPTCHA check by displaying images containing a robot and a message similar to:

'Type Allow to verify that you are not robot.'

Other popular scenarios include the rogue website showing a video window and implying that to access the supposed content users must press 'Allow.' Users that follow the instructions will be subscribed to's push notifications, and likely be subjected to numerous unwanted advertisements as a result. The advertisements could promote additional hoax websites, shady online betting platforms, suspicious adult-oriented platforms, or other untrustworthy destinations. Cybersecurity researchers also have observed trying to promote various software products, with a high chance that they are intrusive PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) in disguise.