Threat Database Rootkits Win64:Rootkit-gen


By CagedTech in Rootkits

Win64:Rootkit-gen is a very destructive Trojan infection. Its first action is that Win64:Rootkit-gen may modify the host files and PC settings, which can cause serious performance issues. If Win64:Rootkit-gen can accomplish these changes, Win64:Rootkit-gen will create .dll and .exe files, icons, shortcuts and change the desktop background. Win64:Rootkit-gen may block access to security-related applications and sites, hijack Web browser, and decrease the computer's performance. Even though it will not be an easy task to remove Win64:Rootkit-gen from an infected computer, the PC user should get the collaboration of a resolute and up-to-date anti-malware program to annihilate the harmful presence of Win64:Rootkit-gen from their computers.


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