Threat Database Rootkits Win32:Sirefef-PL


By Domesticus in Rootkits

Win32:Sirefef-PL is a rootkit that has some of its copies involved into whitelisted area. A whitelisted area is not disguised by scan fulfilled by usual security programs. An improved method is needed to disguise all the examples of Win32:Sirefef-PL and, thus, complete the extermination of Win32:Sirefef-PL. Or else, the deletion becomes a type of infinity loop, yet Win32:Sirefef-PL will keep replicating itself by corrupting critical files and drivers, or eliminating such files and changing them with same-name substitutes including its malicious code. Win32:Sirefef-PL may create and illustrate a pop-up notification on desktop tray. The fake pop-up warning is displayed each time you start Windows and blames victim for running operating system without corresponding to its delivery and use terms. The fake pop-up message also tells that your Windows copy is not legitimate and encourages to pay a fine, which is transmitted to cybercriminals.

SpyHunter Detects & Remove Win32:Sirefef-PL

File System Details

Win32:Sirefef-PL may create the following file(s):
# File Name MD5 Detections
1. folooon9.htm 9eb1fb3125c48ce1f3a4a2bb00266349 0
2. file.exe 28b78767ef0a9ea7c49df3b368b59065 0
3. file.exe 35826874b700da804e17ca297773bf4f 0
4. file.exe 16fae67ec1339e7558f201f720b95c64 0
5. file.exe 90ec3159ea62fc4ad432ff277edf877b 0


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