Wholocked Ransomware

Wholocked Ransomware Description

The Wholocked Ransomware is yet another data-locker that is designed to prey on regular users online. The goal of this threat is to breach your system, use an encryption algorithm to lock your files, and then intimidate you into paying for a decryption tool.

Propagation and Encryption

The Wholocked Ransomware is designed to go after popular filetypes. This means that if the Wholocked Ransomware compromises your PC, it will target all your documents, audio files, images, videos, databases, presentations, archives, spreadsheets and other files. When the Wholocked Ransomware determines what files are present on your system, it will trigger the encryption process. All the compromised files will be marked with a new extension that the Wholocked Ransomware appends to their filenames – '.wholocked.' For example, if a file was named 'silky-silver.mp4,' the Wholocked Ransomware will change its name to 'silky-silver.mp4.wholocked.' The Wholocked Ransomware may be propagated via fake social media posts, torrent trackers, malvertising campaigns, fraudulent application downloads and updates, mass spam email operations, etc.

The Ransom Note

When the Wholocked Ransomware completes the encryption process, it will drop a file on the user's system. The file is called 'READ_ME_Heyyyyyyy.txt,' and it contains the message of the Wholocked Ransomware's creators. The perpetrators of the Wholocked Ransomware state that they would like to be paid 0,036 Bitcoin or 300 Euro in exchange for the decryption key the user needs to unlock their files. They provide several links for users who do not know how to obtain Bitcoin. The attackers also give out their cryptocurrency wallet's address.

Strangely enough, the authors of the Wholocked Ransomware do not provide any contact details, which means that you are unlikely to receive a decryption tool even if you pay up as the attackers have no means of contacting you. This is why instead of wasting your money, you should download and install an up-to-date, genuine PC security tool that will swiftly remove the Wholocked Ransomware from your computer.