Threat Database Adware is a site designed to deliver questionable content to its visitors. In addition, it also may display various misleading messages in an attempt to trick users into subscribing to its push notification services. It must be noted that is hardly a singular occurrence. In fact, the exact opposite is true. There are countless deceitful pages all dedicated to carrying out this popular browser-based tactic.

Landing on such a page could lead to the user being redirected to more shady websites, being shown dubious content by the page itself, or being subjected to a misleading scheme. Sites such as may pretend to conduct a CAPTCHA check, imply that a file is ready for download, or that a video will become accessible after following the displayed instructions. Typically, these fake messages try to lure the users into clicking the displayed 'Allow' button. Doing so will result in the specific site receiving broad browser permissions that will then be exploited promptly to run an intrusive advertising campaign, generating monetary gains for its operators in the process. It should be pointed out that while seems to employ the same tactics, it does give more information to the user when compared to the other pages of this type.

When dealing with the advertisements generated by such unproven and unfamiliar sources, caution is necessary. Needlessly engaging with the advertising materials may expose you to additional online scams, pages performing phishing schemes, domains spreading PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) and more.


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