Whenwem.online is a dubious website, designed with the sole purpose of delivering questionable content to its visitors. The site can modify its behavior depending on the geolocation of the users. It determines this factor by scanning the incoming IP address. Afterward, the site can show content on its own or open one or more additional pages in the user's browser. Whenwem.online also tries to convince users to subscribe to its push notification services.

The site lures its visitors with promises of delivering the most current sports news from around the world. Under this premise, it urges users to click the 'Allow' button to start receiving push notifications. This is a common behavior observed in countless deceptive websites. Usually, they rely on various clickbait messages and fake scenarios to trick users into clicking 'Allow.' Some of the schemes including pretending to be running a CAPTCHA check, stating that a file is ready for download, or promising that a video will become accessible after pressing the button.

The exact form of the tactic presented to users doesn't matter. If they follow the instructions, the specific site will receive the browser permissions it requires to start an intrusive advertising campaign. Numerous unwanted advertisements will be generated and the user experience on the device could suffer greatly. Not to mention that the advertisements may employ similar deceptive techniques and could potentially redirect users to unsafe or suspicious third-party websites.


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