Whats-up.you-should-watch-this.site Description

The Whats-up.you-should-watch-this.site page is a bogus website that markets itself as a platform that hosts engaging media. There are countless similar websites online that only serve one purpose – bombard users with advertisements.
Once a user opens the Whats-up.you-should-watch-this.site website, the page would immediately spawn a prompt, requesting the user to permit it to display Web browser notifications.

To get permission, the Whats-up.you-should-watch-this.site website may trick users into believing it is hosting an interesting video that the visitor can only view if they click on the 'Allow' button on their screen. However, doing so will not give you access to any video, instead, the Whats-up.you-should-watch-this.site page will get your permission to spam you with advertisements via your browser push notifications. Dubious Web pages like the Whats-up.you-should-watch-this.site page tends to work with untrustworthy advertisement networks. Such networks often promote overly expensive, and sometimes bogus, services, as well as low-quality products. Furthermore, closing your Web browser may not help with prevention against these intrusive advertisement

If you want to put an end to the constant ad spam by the Whats-up.you-should-watch-this.site page, you should go to your Web browser settings and revoke the permissions given to this dodgy website.