By GoldSparrow in Browser Hijackers

The Websrch.net site is presented to users as a search services provider that include a few useful quick links to popular services. The Websrch.net site was reported of browser hijacking in the second week of September 2017, and the investigation that followed unveiled that the site is a clone of Securesearch.site, which we covered earlier. Additionally, both sites are part of a wide network of search engines that are registered to the and the IP addresses. It appears that Websrch.net, Securesearch.site and their clones are used to siphon Web traffic to premium content on the Internet, redirect users to discounts, and invite them to install ad-supported software. Websrch.net includes links to Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Booking.com, eBay, Amazon, and Aliexpress and redirects users to Websrch.net/search?search_term=[keyword] where the results page is flooded with sponsored results. As mentioned before, Websrch.net has a lot of clones some of which are listed below:

  • Gosrch[.]co/search
  • Iexplore[.]co/search
  • M.browsersearch[.]net/search
  • M.gsearch[.]io/search
  • M.ibrowser[.]io/search
  • Mbrowser[.]us/search
  • Mobisearch[.]co/search
  • Myportal[.]us/search
  • Mysrch[.]net/search
  • Portal.websrch[.]co/search
  • Pwr-search.com/search
  • Websearch[.]live/search

Engines like Websrch.net are designed to generate numerous ad-powered search results in the form of text hyperlinks. You will not find search lenses for images, videos, and other content on Websrch.net as its only focus are ads. If you are redirected to Websrch.net automatically, it is possible that you may be infected with a browser hijacker. The Websrch.net browser hijacker is a small program, which may be installed as a browser add-on, and it is designed to rerouted search operations to Websrch.net, as well as make your browser load Websrch.net as the start page. Browser hijackers are not deemed as particularly unsafe programs, but the numerous ads generated by Websrch.net may include malvertising and expose users to advanced cyber threats. Removing a browser hijacker may be as simple as uninstalling a questionable extension/plugin and editing your browser shortcut, but it is not always easy. You can remove the Websrch.net browser hijacker with the help of a credible anti-malware safely and efficiently.


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