The WebScheduler application is adware crafted specifically to target Mac computers. When the WebScheduler adware compromises your Mac, you will notice quickly a rapid increase in the advertisements you get while browsing the Web.

The WebScheduler adware’s authors have opted to name it that way to make this application appear like a genuine tool, which is unlikely to raise any suspicions. However, if the WebScheduler adware is present on your computer, you will begin seeing various advertisements – hyperlinks in text, pop-up alerts, flashing banners, etc. Receiving this amount of advertisements every time you try to browse the Web can become very annoying rather quickly. To make matters worse, adware tends to promote unsafe, low-quality products and services of dubious origin. It is best to avoid clicking on any of the ads linked to the activity of the WebScheduler adware.

Adware like the WebScheduler application is often propagated with the help of bogus software updates. For example, the user may be instructed to apply the newest Adobe Flash Player update if they want to view a particular video they were looking for. However, if they follow these instructions, instead of installing the update, they will install the WebScheduler adware on their Macs. Do not trust websites that claim to host engaging content but refuse to let you access it unless you install a piece of software like and update or a dodgy Web browser extension.

If you are getting advertisements affiliated with the WebScheduler adware, avoid interacting with them. Make sure to download and install a reputable anti-virus application that will scan your Mac, locate the adware, and remove it safely for good.


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