Threat Database Browser Hijackers '' Pop-Ups

'' Pop-Ups

By GoldSparrow in Browser Hijackers

A browser hijacker associated with may find its way into your computer with a freeware package. Web filters like Websense ThreatSeeker and OpenDNS blacklist the Web page as a phishing site, and you should not trust its content. Computer users that installed the browser hijacker report that they may be harassed with pop-up windows that promote a computer support service on the 844-854-6874 phone number and can't open a new tab and enter an address in their browser. The browser hijacker linked to is compatible with all modern Internet browsers and uses JavaScript to show pop-up messages on continuously.

The layout of the phishing site may feature a list of badware like Enter Voyage and BatBrowse to scare users into thinking they have a security breach and need to call 844-854-6874 to receive help. However, you will not find certified computer support on 844-854-6874 and might be welcomed to install rogue registry cleaners like PC MightyMax and RegistryQuick that could damage your Windows Registry to encourage you to pay for repairs. The pop-up windows by may instruct users to keep their computers turned on and accept remote access connections from the fake technicians on 844-854-6874. Security investigators strongly advise against allowing unauthorized remote access to your PC that might result in installing harmful software. Calling 844-854-6874 and following instructions from fake computer support agents may put your data and credit card information at risk. Moreover, the fake technicians related to may gather security certificates from your computer and delete files that support Windows. It is wise to install a trusted anti-malware solution that can purge the browser hijacker associated with and protect your OS.


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