WebDiscover Browser

WebDiscover Browser Description

WebDiscover Browser ScreenshotWebDiscover Browser is an adware threat developed by a Canada-based company named WebDiscover Media. Once installed on a PC, the app makes a series of unwanted changes to all browsers installed on the computer, leading to a deteriorating online surfing experience.

WebDiscover replaces the default home pages and search engines of affected Internet browsers with its own WebDiscover Homepage and WebDiscover Search, respectively. Furthermore, the app modifies the “new tab” settings so that the corrupted browsers launch the program's own search portal page when the user opens a new tab. Chrome users may not even recognize WebDiscover as an unwanted program and think they are using the regular Google Chrome browser as the tool barely changes the user interface and the overall appearance of websites. This is not a surprise as WebDiscover is built on the basis of the open-source Google Chromium custom builder, which makes it look by design almost identical to Google Chrome. WebDiscover's search page is also based on a legitimate service - the search engine Bing. However, the scammers have misused Bing by filling the delivered search results with sponsored links to websites who pay for that kind of traffic.

WebDiscover Features or Annoyances?

Some features of WebDiscover may even look convenient at first sight - like the added quick links to social media and the integrated search bar in the top section of the desktop which launches the manipulated Bing search whenever a user enters a search term. Yet, users who have unknowingly or deliberately installed it on their PCs will clearly notice huge amounts of ads being displayed on their screen, while their online searches will include irrelevant highlighted products promoted by WebDiscover Browser.

These inconveniences are not the only issue with that browser hijacker, though. Cybersecurity investigators have identified additional dangerous features of WebDiscover which may put user privacy at risk. WebDiscover records and sends various user data to its owners, like geographic location, browsing history, search terms, computer settings, and software configuration. Malware creators build-in such capabilities for the purpose of tailoring the displayed ads and sponsored links to the interests of the particular user. Another danger arises from the fact that WebDiscover promotes other suspicious applications like KingTranslate and HDTube through pop-up windows and banners. Furthermore, the browser hijacker also displays messages that prompt users to install fake updates which actually contain various other malware threats. Redirecting users to corrupted websites which offer them to install rogueware is another potentially harmful feature of WebDiscover Browser.

Where WebDiscover comes from

As with most adware threats, WebDiscover has several distribution channels. It is typically bundled within other free software that users download from the Internet. Such freeware often does not disclose correctly all the tools and programs that get installed on a computer, and inexperienced users who use the “Custom” installation option would not even notice that they are installing additional software along with the particular program that they wish to install. WebDiscover is also distributed through its official website where it is advertised as an application that combines all useful features of secure VPN services and Google Chrome and provides weather forecasts, music streaming, and other attractive services.

Obviously, this fake Internet browser provides no safe online browsing experience, so the best advice is to remove it immediately from your computer. Experts recommend the use of a trusted anti-virus application for that purpose as it will also scan your system for additional malware and improve the overall protection of your PC.

The WebDiscover Browser may use pop-up windows and banners to promote riskware likeHDTube and King Translate that have a bad reputation. Additionally, the WebDiscover Browser may show messages urging users to install updates that may contain adware such as 5starCoupon and AdvanceElite. The WebDiscover Browser may redirect you to suspicious websites and offer you to download rogueware like Advanced Security Tool 2010 and Windows Stability Alarm. Needless to say, the WebDiscover Browser may not provide you with secure Internet browsing environment, and you might want to use a trusted anti-malware program boost your cyber defenses and remove the WebDiscover Browser.


  • Zenobia Peace:

    I wondered about WebDiscover, on the one hand it had some cool Indie sort of personality to it. On the other hand, it seemed like the sudden onset of pop ups on Internet Explore (I guess because of WebD?), would lead to the, once unexplainable / no-longer unexplainable (now that we know about WebD), breakdown of IE browsing. Over a period of time, this behavior of my PC would eventually become so unbearable, that it would leave me only wanting to use WebD, (it was the only browser that would even sort of efficiently!), and Longing for ZenobiaPeace.com and her "Stolen Bag of Apples."

    Let Your Soul be Graced to Seek Out Blessings and find mercy in their service of Peace to Humanity, Amen!


  • jr maurzioty:

    i need to uninstall webdiscover i have no idea how it got on my browser but it is annoying

  • ravioli ravioli gimme le formuoli:

    HELP WEBDISCOVER KEEPS HAVING A WEB BROWSER THAT WONT GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jeff:

    i woke up this morning, opened my laptop, and a webdiscover search bar was at the top of my screen and i cant get rid of it. how can i get rid of webdiscover browser?

  • Elijah Cruz:

    Opened up my computer to an EXTREMELY ANNOYING, huge, and obvious search bar at the top of my screen. How do I remove this plague?

  • Henry Paul:

    I have search bar at the top of my screen, it is very agitating to have, please tell me how to remove it.

  • jake:


    • jhgof:

      you have to go to the bottom right corner click on the logo and click exit.

  • matthew jones:

    you go to task manager the find web discover and end task but it will still have the space at the top

  • Jet Patskinki:

    guys! i figured it out! for those of you who still don't know how to do it, go to the windows icon at the bottom of your screen, type in "programs" and it'll take you to a space with all your installments, find web discover and hit uninstall!

  • Jake:

    Windows 10 Fix: go on arrow next to internet icon and right click WebDiscover then press a button that says something like "Remove WebDiscover from browser" and click that and it should be gone.

  • tanner:

    i will get a new mac if i can fix this now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dorian J Craw:

    ...Humans...Guess what...To fix it...Simply go into the bottom right corner and right click on the web discover logo, and click exit.

  • Idk:


    • wither475:

      On the bottom right of your screen, search control panel. After that go to Progrmas. Once in programs head to programs and features, which shows all of the futures and apps on your device. Right click on web discovery, chromium, and WinZip and hit uninstall. There may be a few more things that need to be uninstalled, but this is what I have so far. Hope this was useful!

  • ben:

    To uninstall webdiscover you have to click on the windows icon at the bottom left of your screen, then type in program in the search bar and find "add or remove programs" then scroll through the programs until you find webdiscover browser (it might be a little different for you just look for the word webdiscover) and click on it, then click uninstall. Your welcome.

  • Helper:

    1. press Cntrl+Alt+Del
    2. click Task manager
    3. scroll to web discoverer
    4. end thier tasks

    Do this and its gone

    • Jaden:

      This worked for the most part but i still have a part of my screen that i cannot use meaning if i full screen a tab in google the top of my screen does not get used...

  • Hejii:


  • antonia:

    para computadora ACER, solo tienes que presionar el botón de configuración e irte a la sección de aplicaciones, en donde encontraras el nombre de WebDiscover Browser, lo presionas y aparecerá la opción de desinstalar, luego se seleccionar todo estará resuelto.

  • Train fan 13 Official:

    how do i STEP BY STEP delete thid stuff off my pc for good

    • Jennifer Jones:

      go to your settings and type in "programs" then you will have to scroll to find webdiscover and you click on it and then click install

  • apeson :

    go to program files and delete it there

  • Rhiannon Mueller:

    I currently have McAfee on my computer, however it doesn't detect this as a virus. Help? :'(

  • Eli:

    To get rid of it (if you are on Acer, at least) click the arrow at the bottom right corner, and it will show you your hidden icons. Right click the WebDiscover one and it will show options. One says "Allow WebDiscover to run in the background" or something like that. You will see it has a checkmark next to it. Press that button and it should be gone!

  • jayden:

    i woke up one day and webdiscover was on the top of my screan and it wont come off please help me out

  • Andy Wirus:

    After you uninstall the program, there will still be hidden files, so I will tell you how to remove them:

    1. Press Windows Key + R, and type in regedit (registry editor, BE CAREFUL!!!!!)
    2. Navigate to the following key: HKCU\Software\WebDiscoverBrowser
    3. Delete the folder and all its subkeys, and it will probably be gone for good 🙂

    *Note* Be VERY careful when using registry editor. One wrong move and your computer may be fu***d.

  • renata:

    no entiendo que le pasa a esta cosa se me abre u no se cierra correctammente

  • Smort one:

    To remove the bar you have to change the screen size down one sting and back up and the bar will be gone.

  • Dannielle C Donovan:


  • Nathan:

    i... feel like this is a virus, but ima try it because its worth the risk to get the stupid fucking webdiscover bar thingy off my screen