Threat Database Malware WebCakeDesktop.Updater.exe


By Sumo3000 in Malware

WebCakeDesktop.Updater.exe is a malicious executable file, which is connected with an adware program named WebCake. WebCakeDesktop.Updater.exe is able to update WebCake adware application, which means that it gives new annoying functionality to WebCake so that affected PC users will see more pop-up advertisements. WebCakeDesktop.Updater.exe allows WebCake to deliver and show numerous unwanted pop-up advertisements as target computer users browser the web, even on the websites such as Yahoo and Google. WebCakeDesktop.Updater.exe is a security risk to a victimized PC. WebCakeDesktop.Updater.exe needs to be deleted from the corrupted PC with a reliable and effective security tool.


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