Description is yet another deceptive website whose only goal is to trick its visitors into subscribing to its push notifications. This is a particularly popular tactic and each day new pages proliferating it are being put on the Internet. The goal of the unscrupulous people behind the hoax websites is to receive monetary gains by delivering unwanted ads to the affected browsers.

There are various methods that these websites employ to deceive their visitors. The most widespread one is to pretend to be conducting a CAPTCHA check. Others include stating that a file is ready for download or a video will become accessible after clicking the 'Allow' button. The exact messages may be a variation of:

'Click Allow to download your file'

'Press Allow to verify that you are not a robot'

'To access the video, click 'Allow'

The advertisements delivered by such dubious sources, included, cannot be trusted. They may employ similar clickbait tactics to get the users to engage with them. Afterward, they can lead to suspicious or even unsafe sites via forced redirects.

It is recommended to stop the activities of such pages as soon as possible, by revoking their permissions. Furthermore, if you notice that the number of times you land on or any other scheme site is abnormally high, you may have a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) lurking on your computer or device. Perform a thorough scan using a professional security solution and see if it detects any suspicious applications.