Warzone RAT

Remote Access Trojans (RATs) are in the group of the most accessible hacking tools available online – there are countless free RATs that cybercriminals can use to take control over the computers of their victims, but these may come with limited features. However, there also are some special cases in which these RATs are not free – one example of this is the Warzone RAT, a project that is being offered online and promoted on various hacking forums. According to the Warzone RAT's authors, their product is able to evade anti-virus engines, as well as to bypass Windows' User Account Control (UAC) settings, therefore allowing the attacker to take full control over the compromised host without raising any red flags.

The Warzone RAT falls in the category of the so-called 'commodity malware' – hacking tools that can be purchased or rented by cybercriminals. They are exceptionally threatening since they can be used by anyone willing to pay the price, and this means that they can be distributed via all sorts of tricks – email spam, pirated software and media, phishing messages on social media, fake downloads, etc.

This Commodity RAT is Being Sold on Underground Forums

Although the Warzone RAT is not a very cheap product to purchase, it possesses an extensive list of features that would enable its operators to cause a lot of problems by getting their hands-on information. Once the Warzone RAT infects a computer, the active copy of the threat can be controlled via the administrator panel accessible by the attacker. Thanks to it, they can:

  • Browse, read, delete and modify local files.
  • Terminate processes, control scheduled tasks and Windows services.
  • Upload files and launch them on the compromised host (may be used to deliver additional payloads).
  • Launch a keylogger module.
  • Establish a remote desktop connection and take control of the infected computer.
  • Use the Command Prompt to execute commands.

Threats like the Warzone RAT are meant to be as covert as possible, and the best way to make sure that you do not fall victim to them is to use an up-to-date anti-malware solution that will check incoming files for harmful traits.


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