Walliant Description

There is a lot of confusion surrounding the Walliant application. Users commonly discover that the program is running in the background of their computers and have no recollection at all of having installed it themselves. There is a simple explanation of that - the application spreads itself through dubious means and, as a result, it can be classified as a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program).

It seems that the application uses cracked games and platforms distributing such pirated software as a lure. Whenever users look for a cracked copy of a game, they may not notice that an intruder application has been attached to it and will be dropped onto their devices. Once inside, Walliant can perform a series of questionable activities that some security products may flag as malware behavior. In addition, it contains proxy leveraging functionality, as stated in its license agreement. In practice, this means that the application could reroute Internet traffic through the user's device. 

The troubling characteristics of Walliant shouldn't be underestimated. Consider running a scan with a reputable security solution to be sure that the intruder program will be removed completely without leaving any traces behind.